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Accessibility plan 2019-22

Administration of Medicines Policy 2018/19

Admission arrangements 2018/19

Anti Bullying Policy Feb 2020

Behaviour for Learning Statement Feb 2020

Assessment Policy Currently Under Review

Charging and Remissions Policy November 20

CEIAG Policy November 2020

CEIAG Supplementary Information Access Policy 2018/19

Complaints Procedure 2019/20

Complaints Procedure – Serial and Unreasonable 2019/20

Confidentiality Policy 2018/19

Current Advice Guidance EVs Feb 2020

Data Protection 2019/20

Drug Policy 2019/20

Exclusion Policy Feb 2020

Feedback Policy 2019

Financial Information Sept 2020

GDPR compliance 2019/20

Governor Allowance Policy Jan 2020

Looked After Children Policy Feb 2020

MMS Provider access policy CEIAG September 2020

Remote Learning Policy October 2020

RE Policy 2018/19

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Sept 2020

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Addendum June 2020

Safeguarding COVID-19 Appendix

Safer Working Practice Guidance May 2020

SEND information report 2019/20

SEND Policy 2019/20 

Sex and Relationship Education Policy September 2020

Single Equality Policy 2019/20

Single Equality Data May 2020

Student Attendance Policy Feb 2020

Student Conduct Policy 2019/20

Student Conduct Policy COVID 19 update May 2020

Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy Feb 2020

Teaching And Learning Policy 2016

Whole School Presentation Policy 2016