School Governor Meets KS3 Class Reps and House Captains

Mrs Crosier is one of our school Governors she chairs our Communication, Behaviour and Safeguarding Committee (CBSC). On Friday 5th June 2015 Mrs Crosier visited school to meet with Mrs Charlton our Headteacher, Mr Barrett Head of PE and Healthy Schools, sampled our school lunch and met with the KS3 representatives of the school council.

Mrs Crosier has a particular interest in nutrition and healthy lifestyles. We have recently trialled a tuck shop at break time for KS3 pupils because we were concerned that some pupils were coming to school without breakfast and were too hungry to learn. The tuck shop was set up by the catering team and proved to be very popular with staff and children. However littering of the school hall became a problem and Mrs Charlton suspended the tuck shop. At a school council meeting and after consultation with their classes, the class reps asked for its reinstatement. Mrs Charlton discussed this at Governors at the CBSC meeting. Governors decided to investigate further – hence Mrs Crosier’s visit.

It was very clear that everyone around the table understood the need for a healthy diet and it was reported that there were times when the tuck shop was abused with pupils buying lots of items that they perhaps did not need to eat.

Once again overwhelmingly the pupils voted for the return of the tuck shop but perhaps in a different form. Mrs Crosier discussed the trend in Britain of increasing obesity amongst adults and children and the health problems this causes. The pupils suggested alterations to the tuck shop.

At the end of the meeting the KS3 representatives were thanked for their input and were assured that this matter would be discussed further with Governors.

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