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House Structure

At Monkseaton Middle school we operate a house system. We have three form classes in each year group and each is allocated to a house. Our houses are called; Celts; Romans; Vikings. Membership of a house is idicated by the colour of the tie worn by pupils. Celts – yellow, Romans – blue, Vikings – red.

Each year elections for House Captains take place in September. Prospective candidates are nominated. They write their election manifesto and deliver an election speech to the pupils in their House. Following a period of reflection an election takes place where each member of the House casts their vote for the House Captain of their choice. In the run up to the elections we hold assemblies to explain the electoral system and relate it to the election of leaders of political parties, members of parliament (MPs), local councillors in North Tyneside and the Young Mayoral elections which take place later in the academic year.

House Captains are elected from Year 8. The other year groups nominate class representatives to sit on the school council alongside their House Captains.