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Websites and Login Details for Home Learning


All home learning work has been placed on Teams. To access work on Teams, please follow the instructions below:
• Open www.office.com

• Children should use their Monkseaton Middle School email address to log into Office 365.

• Year 5: 20SurnameInitial@monkseatonmiddle.org

• Year 6: 19SurnameInitial@monkseatonmiddle.org

• Year 7: 18SurnameInitial@monkseatonmiddle.org

• Year 8: 17SurnameInitial@monkseatonmiddle.org

• Next, click on the purple icon titled ‘Teams’.

• Children will then see all of the ‘Teams’ that they’re a member of. There will be a Team for each of their subjects.

• Upon opening the ‘Team’, children will have access to:

• A discussion board:

•Files: this is where teachers will place lesson PowerPoints and additional tasks and resources

• Assignments: this is where your child can see work their teachers have assigned them, submit that work, and see their grades and feedback.

Additional support for Teams can be found at:

Teams Parent Quick Start Guide

Distance Learning with Microsoft 365

If your child has forgotten their password for logging into office365 (it is the same password they use to log onto the school computers) we will be able to reset that for them.  Simply send an email to the school email address admin@monkseatonmiddle.org with details of the child’s name and we will get back to you once the password has been reset. Please note this can only be done during normal working hours and my take up to 24 hours to happen.


MyMaths Login

• School login: monseaton    (please note the missing k)

• School password: middle

Usernames and passwords were given to children at the beginning of the academic year. Their username will be 3 numbers, e.g. 731 and their password will be 3 letters, e.g. csv.
If your child has forgotten their username or password, please email admin@monkseatonmiddle.org as someone will be in touch to help.

Rockstar Times Tables

• Visit TT RockStars and you’ll be asked to enter our school details. Start typing our school’s name and it will appear in a drop-down list. Select ‘Monkseaton Middle School’.

• You will now be asked for your child’s username and password.

• The username has been set to be the same as your child’s school login name (the 1st part of their email address) e.g. 16SurnameInitial.

• Their password is middle (all lowercase).

Accelerated Reader                    

Visit Accelerated Reader

Login details

Year 5

• Username: 20SurnameInitial – e.g. 20SmithL

• Password: ABC

Year 6

• Username: 19SurnameInitial – e.g. 19SmithL

• Password: ABC

Year 7

• Username: SurnameInitial – e.g. SmithL

• Password: ABC

Year 8

• Username: SurnameInitial – e.g. SmithL

• Password: PASSWORD

Accelerated Reader

If your child has read a book, click on the orange button called ‘Accelerated Reader’.
You’ll then be taken to a page which allows you to type the name of your book in before then completing a quiz.

Accelerated Reader Articles

When you click on ‘Accelerated Reader Articles’ this provides a range of short non-fiction articles. Your child can then complete a quiz on the article they’ve read.

Reading Plus

Our school is using the Reading Plus program to help our children become better readers. Reading Plus helps children develop the skills they need to be proficient readers and lifelong learners. Through regular Reading Plus practice, reading will become easier, comprehension will increase, and you will make meaningful connections between reading and learning.

You can complete Reading Plus assignments outside of school on a computer or tablet with Internet access. Assignments in each component can be completed in any order, but please remember that reading lessons are the most important assignments. The program will keep track of assignments completed each week as well as your student’s progress toward the overall lesson goals.

How to login

Step 1: Go to www.login.readingplus.com

Step 2: Press the student log in button.

Step 3: Enter site code rpmonks1

Step 4: Type in your username. This will be your first name followed by the initial of your surname. E.g. James Reed would be JamesR.

Step 5: Type in your password: qwerty

Once you have logged in you will complete a short diagnostic test to allocate your book choices. This should take around 20-30 minutes. After the diagnostic test you will be able to start completing your weekly assignments.

Quizlet – MFL

If you’ve not already done so, you will need to open a Quizlet account.

  • Open a Quizlet Account by going to this page: Quizet.com
  • You will see this screen, and should click ‘Sign up’
  • This will take you to ta screen where you must enter your details.

To join your class:

Now you have an account, there are 2 ways you can join your class:

• By clicking or copy and pasting the class link Mrs Hedley emailed you into the address bar.

• Follow the instructions listed below

Active Learn – Weekly Science Homework

• Open the following link: Active Learn

• Work can be done using a phone or any other device with internet access.

• Username: 18SurnameF (for year 7) 17SurnameF (for year 8)
where F is your first name initial (some children will have an additional letter or number, but have been told)

• Password: Middle20 (Case sensitive).
The work can be found in the same place as their science homework set weekly before lockdown. The instructions are given with each task.