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To access work on Teams, please follow the instructions below:
• Visit www.office.com and login

• Children should use their Monkseaton Middle School email address to log into Office 365.

• Year 5: 20SurnameInitial@monkseatonmiddle.org

• Year 6: 19SurnameInitial@monkseatonmiddle.org

• Year 7: 18SurnameInitial@monkseatonmiddle.org

• Year 8: 17SurnameInitial@monkseatonmiddle.org

• Next, click on the purple icon titled ‘Teams’.

• From here they will see Teams for each lesson they are taught.

We hope you find this instructions helpful

If your child has forgotten their password for logging into office365 (it is the same password they use to log onto the school computers) we will be able to reset that for them.  Simply send an email to the school email address admin@monkseatonmiddle.org with details of the child’s name and we will get back to you once the password has been reset. Please note this can only be done during normal working hours and my take up to 24 hours to happen.

KS3 Science work can be accessed here, the students will know their login details and have be asked to write it in their planners

Accelerated Reader can be accessed here, you can still be increasing your word count while your not in school.