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Our region your future – resources which will help when considering career options

CEIAG provision at Monkseaton Middle School is a dynamic and fluid area of the curriculum. We have chosen to base the curriculum on the eight Gatsby benchmarks and the content is delivered in a flexible manner in order to meet the diverse needs of our pupils’ who live in ever-changing local, national and global communities.
The North East’s Strategic Development Plan also informs our CEIAG strategy, which is a blueprint for the activities that need to take place to improve our economy. In order to do this, we are supported by a North East Local Enterprise Partner who is provided by The North East Local Enterprise Partnership (North East LEP). They are a public, private and education sector partnerships that produce the area’s Strategic Economic Plan.
What is the North East’s Strategic Development Plan?

The Strategic plan is about:

The four areas of development are:

Watch this video for more details: