Bugsy Malone

Monkseaton Middle school presented Bugsy Malone between 18th and 19th June 2014. Our audience were invited to drop into Fat Sam’s club in downtown Chicago to watch the rivalry between Fat Sam’s (Adam Hubbock) gang and Dandy Dan’s (Finley Ferguson) gang – who were equipped with the latest ‘splurge’ guns. Amidst the gangs activities Bugsy Malone (Amonik Melaco) tries to catch the eye of new girl in town Blousey Brown (Caitlin Gray) – she is a singer and looking for work in Fat Sam’s. Tallulah (Amy Herron) one of Fat Sam’s girls has other ideas and tries to spoil Blousey’s attempts to gain an audition. Meanwhile Fat Sam turns to Bugsy for help in the final showdown against Dandy Dan’s gang.

The cast of Bugsy presented a fantastic show that had their audience enthralled throughout. The quality of acting singing and dancing was superb. Many thanks have to go to the helpers who have worked behind the scenes to get this production together and finally on the stage. Mrs Cook deserves a special mention she was the mastermind behind the whole event and has worked tirelessly during lunch hours and during her holidays to make it such a successful show.

The cast performed confidently on three evenings to large audiences and to 100 pupils from Appletree First school on Friday. Some staff from Langley First school attended on Friday evening and reminisced about some of the Year 8 cast members who had been in their reception class! Mr Jones took photographs of the cast and we will make these available very soon.

So the question that was on everyone’s lips was, “What are we doing next year?” – Watch this space.

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