Anti Bullying Week – 13th – 17th November

At Monkseaton Middle School we strive to foster an inclusive culture where everyone is treated with respect, feels safe, secure and bullying is not tolerated. In support of this aim we are taking part in Anti-Bullying Week 2017, which is happening from Monday 13th – Friday 17th November and has the theme “All Different, All Equal”. It is co-ordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance, which is based at the National Children’s Bureau.
During this week there will be age appropriate assemblies and lessons to raise awareness of bullying and how to deal with it. Through these activities we aim to help our pupils understand how important it is that they feel valued and included in school, and able to be themselves without fear of bullying. A special event will be Odd Socks Day, held on Monday 13th November. This is meant to be fun and will provide an opportunity for the children to express themselves and appreciate individuality and uniqueness. Parents and carers can find our Anti-Bullying Policy and a document supplied by Kidscape Preventing Bullying – A guide for parents on the school web- site.

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